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Richmond Seasonal Pool Maintenance

British Columbia is known for temperamental weather. From day to day, it can be difficult to even dress for the weather, never mind taking care for a swimming pool! Whether getting ready to open up or close down, a Puddle specialist can help to care for your pool and hot tub. Richmond seasonal pool maintenance can help to care for water features, no matter the time of year! 

Keeping up with regular pool cleanings can be as simple as running a skimmer over water surfaces but this is not enough to carry your water systems through a season. It is easy to put off those bigger jobs but when it comes to pool care, even a bit of neglect can mean the need for serious repairs, replacements and skyrocketing costs. 

When Spring Comes Around: Pool Openings 

When the sun starts to come out and the Richmond area begins to warm, people are quick to rip off that pool cover and dive on in. As nice as this might sound, it can be dangerous to skip the proper opening procedure. Even rolling back a cover can taint your water! Over the course of winter, debris can collect on covers, being dropped in when the cover is removed, taking your conditions from bad to worse. 

There is a chance that algae, in some form, has taken hold during the time that pools and spas have been sitting dormant. Before you dip a toe into that water, shock treatments should be applied to boost sanitizer or chlorine levels, killing bacteria and leaving a clean pool behind. Water treatments should be combined with scrubbing in order to get the best results. 

Get Out of the Cold: Pool Closings 

It is no secret that water freezes but what is lesser known is what frozen pool water can do to your structure. Freezing and expanding can damage concrete and water lines. During closures, it is important to consider everything that is in your pool as well. From toys to ladders and skimmer baskets, everything should be removed and cleaned. 

During the pool closing process, water levels are dropped and chemicals are applied to prevent algae growth. Extra sanitizers can be added to help ward off invasive growth and alkalinity is checked to ensure pH levels and chemical balance are where they should be before you close the lid on summer. 

Seasonal Pool Care: The Puddle Pools Approach 

From an in-ground water feature to hot tubs and even a lap pool, there is nothing that our maintenance only Puddle crews can’t handle. From personal pools to communal areas or even commercial spaces like the Minoru centre for active living, every water feature can benefit from a professional clean. 

Luckily, Puddle Pool crews are cruising the city of Richmond and the surrounding area. In order to get the best results for our clients, Puddle experts offer a wide range of options for treatment and care. From regularly scheduled basic cleanings to reviving a long forgotten pool or spa. 

High traffic areas like aquatic centres will require more frequent pool services than some others with less frequent use. In order to get the best possible results for your clients, Puddle crews offer service options for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly treatments.

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