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You would not go diving into a pond, so why go diving into a dirty pool? It is difficult to keep up with regular cleaning and maintenance but even a bit of neglect can damage structures and pose health and safety risks. Don’t bother with expensive repairs or replacements when you can call a Puddle Pool specialists for your Richmond pool cleaning services. 

The Importance of Regular Pool Care 

Pool maintenance is about more than just chlorine levels (although keeping these balanced is extremely important). Proper pool chemistry means managing pH levels, balancing sanitizers, applying algaecide when needed and scrubbing sides, surfaces and flooring. This is a long list – but don’t forget about your pool filter! 

Anyone can pick up a testing kit at a local department or supply store but these basic kits and strips are not enough to identify other problem areas in your system. Pool circulation is the key to preventing algae growth and keeping things running smoothly. 

Without the right cleaning technique pool filters can become overwhelmed and water pipes can become clogged. When water is not running smoothly, algae will begin to form around stairs and in corners. More than looking awful, this invasive growth can lead to health hazards. No matter the size or style of your pool, our Puddle specialists can keep things clean on a regular or call-out basis. 

Professional Care: The Best Way to Maintain Your Pool 

In order to keep a water feature running smoothly, it requires using pool cleaners and spot treatments weekly. After a week of neglect, water will go from crystal clear to an off-colour teal. At this point, treatments should be applied immediately. If left any longer than this, it is possible for algae to take hold. 

With every body that enters a pool and spa, there are certain items that are left behind. Everything from body lotions and sunscreen, to skin cells, hairspray or gel and any other products or oils, leave a residue behind. Between these and organics, your swimming pool is up against a lot. 

Pool owners are familiar with the thick dark algae that appears in natural environments like ponds and lakes but there are plenty more types of algae to worry about. Pink algae is common and is treated with a simple removal process but as we shift from yellow to brown, to black, removal becomes more and more difficult – and that is what makes regular pool services so important. 

Cannonball Into Clean: Calling a Puddle Pools Crew 

A functional pool pump might be the first step toward a clean space but it is not the last step – not by a long-shot! Running your pump is necessary to maintaining a clean environment but it can be tough to tell when circulation systems are running properly. 

When choosing local Puddle experts, crews arrive on-scene with more than a test kit or test strips. Highly-trained specialists are able to scrub and treat water, as well as inspecting filtration systems. If you are looking for routine inspections for your pool or hot tub, look no further than a local Gorilla. 

In order to keep our clients happy, Puddle Pool services include options for routine, scheduled maintenance or call-out services. High traffic areas like apartment complexes, condos or hotels should have their water features serviced more often than a backyard pool and that is why specialists offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly services to suit the needs of our clients. 

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