Langley Pool Leak Detection

More than just losing a bit of water, swimming pool leaks can have a major negative impact on your household or commercial space. When water leaks out of a swimming pool, it has to go somewhere. This can mean everything from flooded structures, drowned lawns and even cracked structures. Instead of waiting for the worst-case scenario, call a Puddle Pro at the first sign of water loss. Professional Langley pool leak detection determines whether water leaks are structural or in plumbing lines and helps to isolate problem areas.

Part of what makes leak detection in pools so complicated is that there are so many moving parts, each of which are vulnerable to leaks. Even if you suspect a leak, there isn’t much that you can do about it unless you know where the issue is. Puddle technicians come equipped with a variety of testing options to isolate the leak so it can be properly repaired in a timely manner.

Pool Leak Detection: What to Watch Out For

Pool leaks will often start subtly and get worse over time. The exception to this is obviously in the case of physical damage, which can be caused by a storm, bad weather or a construction accident. Physical damage can also be the result of a piece of sharp debris that has found its way into a pool and ripped a hole in the pool liner.

It can be difficult to diagnose whether or not you have a leak without the appropriate technical knowledge. The most common way for pool owners to diagnose a leak is with the bucket test, which is not an exact science. This test consists of filling a bucket with pool water and setting it next to the swimming pool. The evaporation rate in the bucket and the pool should be the same. By measuring the water level in a pool and bucket, it is easy to see which one is losing water faster. If the pool loses significantly more water than the bucket, you are dealing with a leak.

The other significant sign that you are dealing with a pool leak is pooling around yards. If there are puddles or water around your swim space, it is a sign that there is an underground leak nearby. Once you have determined that you are dealing with significant water loss, it is time to locate the leak! Swimming pool leak detection is not a one-size-fits-all approach but requires technical knowledge and skill to identify not only that you are dealing with a leak but isolate where the leak is located.

Before any type of leak repair is carried out, you will need to figure out where the leak is coming from. Leaks in water lines will require a different approach than those in structures and pool equipment. Pressure testing is the best option for addressing internal leaks, while a dye test is best used when addressing structural issues.

Pressure testing uses consistent high pressure air flow through lines to track potential leaks. If there is a leak in the system, air bubbles will form or, in the case of saturated soil, will produce a gurgling sound. Listening tools are able to track down the thinest sound, making it possible to track even pinhole leaks. During a dye test, coloured dyes are strategically placed while pool pumps are off. Because dyes are heavier than water, they will be sucked up into vacuums created by leaks where they can be followed visually.

Puddle Pools: Leak Detection Services You Can Count On

Timely detection and repair are part of necessary pool maintenance and without them, pool owners can expect disaster. The longer that a leak is allowed to persist, the worse the outcome will be. In addition to reduced pool water levels, underground leaks can displace soil putting added weight on sensitive areas, as well as wear and tear on internal water systems. This can lead to the need for costly repairs and replacements. Your swimming pool often can’t go from diagnoses to repair in 24 hours and with every day that goes by you are losing more and more water, so quick action is key to avoiding disaster.

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