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Langley Hot Tub Maintenance

Slipping into a tub of warm water can be a great way to relax following a long day at work. In fact, a water feature comes along with significant benefits for both health and the appeal of your property. This sounds great but it does not come without some heavy lifting. If you want the perks without the manual labour, just call Puddle pool services for your Langley hot tub maintenance needs. 

From hot tub chemicals to algae removal and filter changes, there is nothing that our experienced Puddle crews can’t handle. If you are ready to cannonball into clean, just call an expert to service spas around residential properties, commercial spaces and communal areas. 

What is in Your Spa Water? 

When kicking back in a hot tub, many users are not giving much thought to its water chemistry. You might be able to fill a small tub with a garden hose but that is not where the effort stops. From here, it is important to treat water properly, with balanced sanitizer levels, a functioning filter and circulation system. 

It is easy to think that adding a bit of chlorine or bromine to your water is enough to keep your system sanitary but this is not always the case. Bacteria can build up anywhere, from surfaces to water lines but this is not all that you have to worry about! Algae is a frightening reality for hot tub owners all over the country, never mind just Langley! 

Algae is a common sight in natural environments like lakes and ponds but no one expects to find it in their spa! Algae comes in a relative rainbow of colours, from pink to yellow to green and black. Each of these come along with their own obstacles from removal, being stubborn and invasive. More than looking ugly, algae can pose serious health risks and can cause damage to spas and surrounding areas. 

Hot Tub Care: Getting the Proper Clean 

When it comes to routine maintenance and cleaning, water surfaces need to be skimmed but walls, flooring and hot tub covers all need to be cleaned as well. Depending on how often your water system is used, these deep cleans may be fewer and farther between. Every deep clean requires draining your hot tub and scrubbing the empty shell. 

Draining a hot tub is a large undertaking but there is also a right way and a wrong way to do it. Pulling the plug on a full system means a heavy outpouring of water which can cause a ton of unexpected damage. If water makes its way to vulnerable areas, you may just end up with a flooded basement or ruined lawn. Fully insured experts know how to drain these areas properly, avoiding unnecessary damage. 

Whether performing a deep clean or a spot clean, it is important to use the right cleaning products. Introducing harsh chemicals into a sensitive system can damage protective layers and if not rinsed properly can cause serious eye and skin irritations. Everyone wants to keep their hot tub water clean but very few understand just how touchy tubs can be. 

Our Guarantee: What to Expect From Professional Hot Tub Cleaning 

Test kits or test strips are a staple in any shed but putting these to use does not guarantee water balance. When you call a Puddle crew, spa filters are inspected and pH levels are tested, water balanced and circulation systems inspected. Failing to properly care for hot tub filters means a slip in overall water care, so stay prepared by calling Puddle pool services. 

In order to better serve our customers, Puddle crews offer a tiered level of service, with options for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly treatments. Each member of the Puddle team is fully insured to protect ourselves and your property! This means peace of mind around any property. 

Langley Hot Tub Maintenance

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