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A swimming pool can be an asset for any small business. Clean and inviting swim spaces are a great way to bring in regular traffic around gyms and wellness centres and can attract potential hotel guests visiting from out of town. In the same way that a clean swimming pool, hot tub or water feature can be an attractive element, a dirty one can drive traffic away. If you are struggling to keep up with the demands of water systems or are looking to improve visuals and output, call a Puddle Pro for your Langley commercial pool services.

Throughout Langley BC, more and more business owners are seeing the advantages of adding swim spaces or water features as a way to boost curb appeal and drive business. As great as it might seem to add a pool and spa, maintaining them is no easy task. Whether in a brand new water system or an existing space, there is never a bad time to start a pool cleaning program.

Pool Care For Businesses: Benefiting Pool Owners and Their Bottom Line

No matter the industry, business structures strive for the lowest operating costs with the highest output for customers. Pool systems can often fly under the radar but keeping these in great shape can have a wide ranging impact on commercial spaces.

Bringing in New Business: Offering a clean and attractive swim space can bring in tons of business, both new and reoccurring. In the same way that a clear pool can attract new customers, a contaminated one will drive them away. Make sure that your swim space is making a great first impression by calling an expert for your pool cleaning needs.

Running Costs: By calling an expert for their pool service, businesses are able to not only improve curb appeal but can actually reduce the costs of utility bills. If filters or skimmer baskets are clogged, it makes it harder for water to move freely through, forcing systems to work harder and putting strain on internal components. Routine pool maintenance and cleaning can help to keep systems flowing smoothly, reducing the need for premature repairs and replacements, as well as dropping the amount of energy necessary to keep water moving.

Curb Appeal & Staging: Expert pool cleaning services can help to keep a commercial space running smoothly but they can also help sole proprietorships and stand-alone agents like realtors. Even when you are able to showcase the beauty of a home’s interior, an ugly or contaminated pool can drive potential buyers away.

Health & Safety: More often than not, a commercial space is prone to high traffic. A large number of swimmers creates a higher likelihood of contaminants. Everything from body lotions to hair care products and sunscreen seep off of bodies and into water, leaving residue behind on walls. No one wants to grab the edge of a pool only to end up putting their hand in orange, slimy residue. Imbalanced chemicals can also lead to skin irritations, eye and ear infections, digestive issues and other health risks.

Commercial Pool Cleaning: The Puddle Guarantee

When you want the best results for your commercial pool care, look no further than your friendly neighbourhood Puddle technicians. Each member of the team is local to the Langley area, so we know exactly what your property is up against. Puddle technicians are highly trained, experienced and fully insured with general liability insurance, as well as additional coverage. When you call for specialized treatments, you can expect excellent results for your commercial swimming pool and top notch customer service.

With options for weekly and bi-weekly services, as well as system refreshes and seasonal care, there is never a bad time to call an expert for your pool care needs.

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Jose Morrell
5 out of 5

Great guys sent over today for our pool closing. Took them a couple hours, it was pouring rain and they were still smiling. Nice little company to deal with.

Nicole Allen
5 out of 5

We have puddle look after our rental properties throughout the city. Always happy with the service. Was more than happy to leave a good review for their team.

Stephen Lange
5 out of 5

Fantastic work by Mike! Saved us $550 for a leak that was just a small hose that he repaired for $100. Other company was sure the liner was leaking and wanted to run tests, Mike was very honest.

John Dyson
5 out of 5

Jason and Kain service our hot tub and pool, great guys, always happy to have them around. They keep the water clean. Would recommend them 100%

Colin Rich
5 out of 5

Bought this house with a pool that was green. After 3 days it looked new. Very impressed with the two technician girls that did the job. Really knowledgeable.

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