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Being able to offer customers and guests the option of using a pool and spa might just be the thing that sets you apart from the competition. Maintaining a clean swim space means being able to attract potential clients looking for a new gym or wellness centre, or hotel guests looking for a relaxing vacation. When they are not maintained, swimming pools can lead to a drop in curb appeal, bad reviews and can impact your business. Instead of taking a risk with your swim spaces, call Puddle for your Coquitlam commercial pool services.

How Commercial Pool Cleaning Services Can Benefit You

Cut Costs: For small businesses, hiring professional pool cleaning services might seem like a luxury but it can actually reduce your bottom line costs. Each part of your pool system contributes to its overall functionality. If skimmer baskets are full and filters need changing, they will reduce the amount of water flow that passes through, forcing systems to work harder and causing strain. Pushing through strained components uses more energy, which will cause an increase in utility bills and cause unnecessary wear and tear, reducing the lifespan of components.

Maintain Health & Safety Standards: Pool care for businesses is a matter of keeping customers save and healthy. Contaminated pool water can result in a wide range of health factors spanning from skin irritations to digestive issues, as well as ear and eye infections. This is enough to wreck a reputation and may even result in general liability insurance claims. Regular cleaning from a reputable pool service business can prevent these worst-cases scenarios.

Increase Visual Appeal: No one wants to dive into cloudy or discoloured water. In a commercial space, pools are not personal assets but are representative of your business or the condition of a property. From a real estate perspective, presenting a home with a dirty pool will deter potential buyers from finishing a purchase. A contaminated pool or hot tub can be the difference between making a sale and letting a listing sit on the market.

Avoid Premature Repairs & Replacements: A big part of pool maintenance does not revolve around water condition. Not all pool owner have the technical knowledge to spot an issue with a piece of equipment, mechanical component or even vinyl liners. After years of experience in the pool service industry, our team of highly trained pros are able to spot existing and potential issues, before they become more widespread or cause damage.

The Puddle Guarantee: Expert Hotel Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Services

In the hospitality industry, reputation is everything. Having one negative social media post about your hotel, motel, inn or BnB can have a serious impact on your revenue stream. Don’t let one missed chemical application be the difference between a fully booked weekend and empty rooms. By offering treatment options ranging from once per week, all the way up to five time per week, Puddle technicians are committed to keeping swimmers clean and water systems running smoothly.

Starting a pool cleaning program seems like a way to keep costs down while keeping water clean but these good intentions can go back quickly. Whether you are a sole proprietorship or larger company, every commercial space can benefit from expert service for pools, hot tubs and even water features. By combining cost competitive services, expert training and excellent customer service, our team of Puddle Pros provide excellent results for commercial properties throughout the Coquitlam area.

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