Don’t Leave Your Pool Out in the Cold: Winter Pool Care Tips

We have been dealing with unpredictable weather this winter. From coast to coast we’ve been dealing with unexpected snow storms, heavy rains, cold snaps followed by sunshine and warm temperatures. As hard as it is to keep up with the weather, your swimming pool is getting the brunt of it. If you don’t want to pull back your pool cover in spring to find a pile of debris, algae, foul smells and even damage, follow our simple pool tips to keep water systems in great shape no matter the time of year. 

Do I Need to Maintain My Pool During Winter? 

Yes! What happens to your pool during winter will have a direct impact on its condition in spring and summer. Depending on where you live, you might have chosen to close/winterize your swimming pool or have left it open for the off-season it is important to keep up with treatments and assessments to avoid damage — and prevent your pool from becoming its own ecosystem! 

Do – Inspect Covers Regularly: Adding a pool cover is a great way to keep unwanted items out over the course of the off-season but these can’t catch everything on their own. Check regularly to make sure that the cover is still secure and fits properly, as well as removing any debris that might be sitting on top. If you have installed an air pillow, make sure that it isn’t deflated or losing air. 

Do – Inspect Water Systems: If there is a cold snap on the horizon it is always a good idea to inspect all of the moving parts that keep your pool moving, both before and after. Check all of the pipes to make sure that there is no leakage or cracks, as well as flushing out any sitting water from the pump, filter and return lines. 

Do – Add More Chemicals: Many pool owners assume that if a pool isn’t being used, it doesn’t require a chemical treatment but this just isn’t the case. You might have done an application of algaecide at the end of the swim season but it is important to redo this mid-way through the off-season as well.

There is a long list of things that you should do to maintain your pool over the winter months, but there is even more to avoid if you want to keep your swim space in great shape. 

Don’t – Drain Your Pool: Draining a swimming pool might seem like the most efficient way to prevent freezing and off-season damage but this isn’t the case. In the case of a vinyl liner, the pressure of pool water is what helps to keep liners down and in place. If water is removed you might start to see bubbling under the vinyl which looks awful and will need to be repaired or replaced. 

Don’t – Ignore Rain: We’ve all heard it before “April showers bring May flowers” but depending on where you live, you might start to see heavy rains long before April. If you are dealing with a ton of rain, it will dilute chemical treatments and can even essentially undo them. 

Don’t – Turn off Filters & Pumps For Too Long: Don’t just flip the switch on your pool filter or pump. Filters should be left on until the winterizing process is complete and in mild climates, pool pumps should be left on a timer so water continues to circulate. As long as water is moving, it reduces the risk of freezing and helps to circulate chemical treatments throughout the entire pool basin. 

If you are in the dark about off-season pool care, don’t find yourself in the middle of a DIY disaster, call a professional instead! Book a proper closing or off-season treatment program, along with a mid-season assessment to keep up with the demands of your swim space. 

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