Opening Your Swimming Pool and Hot Tub

With Canadians still in grips of winter weather, it is hard to imagine taking a dip in an outdoor pool. With so many property owners stuck at home, it is easy to be anxious to throw off a pool cover and enjoy an outdoor space, but when is the optimal time to do this? There is always a debate as to when the ideal time to open up is, but our Puddle Pool specialists are hoping to shed some light on when to open your pool and what to do beforehand.

When to Open

If you are anxious to open your pool, it is common to jump the gun on your opening. There are setbacks to opening an in-ground pool too early and there are also risks with leaving it too late. Canadian climates are known to be temperamental. Just because you are dealing with a couple of warm days does not mean that snow is not right around the corner!

Any pool professional will tell you not to open a in-ground pool when the temperature is below 21 degrees Celsius. A heavy dump of snow or freezing temperatures can cause damage to your pool. It is important to consult average temperatures before committing to an opening. If the average monthly temperature in your area is 15 but you have had several days of of 20 + weather, err on the side of caution and wait to open.

As weather warms, growing season begins. This means lots of sunshine and lots of pollen. Pollen and other debris can be blown into and around pools. If filters are not running, these bits and pieces can clog up filters and circulation systems. Any amount of sitting water can be a breeding ground for bacteria which leads to algae – particularly with a mesh pool cover that allows sunlight to pass through. It is important to find a middle ground that works for your property.

Calling in a Puddle Pool Specialist for Your Pool Opening and Closing

Waiting too long to open a swimming pool means an added struggle with both efforts and costs. The need for more pool chemicals means a higher price tag and a lot more effort. In addition to prepping the surfaces of pools and hot tubs, it is important to look at pool equipment as well. Pool care means having to test the water and shocking the pool but it also means cleaning and removing the cover, measuring chlorine levels and sanitizer levels and testing filtration systems.

Water features are a massive investment, so it is important for pool owners to care for them properly. Instead of struggling during a pool opening, call a professional to get the job done right.

Opening Your Swimming Pool and Hot Tub
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