Preserving Your Pool Area

Proper pool chemistry is key to crystal clear water and an inviting space but the work does not stop there. In addition to balancing sanitizers and skimming pool surfaces, proper pool care includes the surrounding areas as well. One of the main things that can contribute to the overall health of your pool is plant life! 

It can be tough to imagine that the reason your pool is struggling is the landscaping around it – but this is often the case! The plant life around your pool plays a key role in the condition of filters, liners and overall pool chemistry. Having an expert pool cleaner on the scene can help to assess any problem areas and provide helpful tips and tricks to keep your system running smoothly. 

What to Watch Out For: 

In the same way that the right plant life can help to create the perfect backyard oasis, the wrong plants can lead to a world of complex (and costly!) issues. Whether you are looking to start a new garden or plant new trees or have taken over an existing green space, here are a few things to look out for: 

Lots of Litter: Floating debris is a common sight on pool surfaces but when your water feature is being overrun, it quickly becomes a huge headache. If debris is not cleared away quickly, it can sink to the bottom of your pool. Leaves, sticks and pine needles are much more difficult to remove from the bottom of a pool than the top but it can also lead to staining, as well. 

Root Systems: Roots might ground a tree in place but these tend to move underneath the surface. As roots spread out, they make room for themselves and this can mean displacing dirt and even shifting concrete. If you have ever experienced leaks or flooding around your home due to roots, then you know just how tough these can be. 

If you are concerned that your yard might be damaging to your water features, consult a pool expert today. Puddle Pool specialists can help to create a cleaning schedule catered to the unique needs of your yard, either through weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly services – or even an emergency call-out! 

Preserving Your Pool Area
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