Protecting Your Pool Liner

Everyone knows not to bring glass or sharp objects pool side. The reason for this is that, broken glass can shatter in a wide pattern, sending small shards in all directions. Having even a tiny piece of glass inside a pool can lead to serious cuts and scrapes to skin but it can also lead to damage of a vinyl pool liner. 

Pool liners are what make your pool functional. These liners make it possible for water to stay put, so keeping them in great condition is incredibly important. There is any number of ways that your liner can be damaged, some of which are physical and some are less obvious. In order to provide a bit of insight to our clients, Puddle Pool specialists have put together a quick list of common ways that liners become damaged. 

The Don’ts of Caring For Your Pool Liner

Imbalanced Chemicals: Understanding how to balance your pool chemistry is key to maintaining a sanitary environment but it can also help to protect your liner. If chlorine levels are too high over a long period, vinyl liners can fade and eventually become damaged. There are certain ways that corrosive chemicals should and should not be applied to pools. If in doubt, leave it to the professionals. 

Leaks: Anywhere that there is water, leaks are possible. If water begins to leak into unwanted areas, it can result in serious damage to the structural components of your pool. Steel poles and framing, for example can rust if left exposed to water over prolonged periods. If leaks are happening lower down, this water can pull liners away from the walls, causing tears. Leaks can be found by drains, pool lights, steps and anywhere with intentional breaks in the liner, such as around faceplates and fasteners. 

Low pH Levels: In addition to chlorine and sanitizer levels, it is important to keep an eye on pH levels. Should this level drop too low, pool water becomes acidic and even corrosive. These elements make liners less pliable, brittle and more susceptible to breakage. Regular testing and balancing can help to prevent the worst case scenario. 

Wildlife: While it may be great for Fido or Fluffy to take a quick dip in a backyard pool, wild animals are an issue. There are plenty of stories on the news or passed around from neighbour to neighbour, about raccoons, skunks, deer or even bears ending up in backyards and it does not take much to misstep into a pool. Sharp claws or large hoofs can easily cause tears. 

The Do’s of Caring for Your Pool Liner 

Call a Professional!: Proper pool care is key to keeping your liner intact and in good form, and that means regular cleaning and inspection. Puddle Pool experts provide regularly scheduled maintenance along with assessments. Proper chemical balancing, filter inspections and the keen eyes of highly-trained pool services expert can help to prolong the lifespan of your space and prevent the need for premature or unnecessary repair and replacements. 

Protecting Your Pool Liner
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