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Aldergrove Seasonal Pool Maintenance

Seasons change quickly in British Columbia. You might start the morning feeling like it is Summer, only to be greeted with frost overnight. These extreme swings can make it difficult for property owners to plan ahead for their pool services. Instead of struggling to keep up with the climate, hire an experienced professional for your Aldergrove seasonal pool maintenance.

According to the climate, indoor pools and hot tubs can be in use and open all year long, but outdoor water features are most often used from mid-Spring to the early days of Fall. Heated pools might make it possible to stay in use longer but that does not mean that you can neglect colder temperatures. No matter the time of year, our Puddle Pool Pros can help to protect your pool and spa and those people swimming inside.

Mark Your Calendars: Creating a Seasonal Pool Maintenance Schedule

Seasonal pool care schedules will vary depending on location. What works on the East Coast won’t work on West and everywhere in-between will have their own issues with temperature. In addition to monitoring water chemistry, it is important to make sure that proper attention is given to pool equipment, filtration systems and everything that goes into keeping your system running smoothly.

Pool Opening: Getting your pool ready for use means more than just tossing in a chlorine puck and diving in. As soon as you remove the cover from your pool, it is time to get to work! It is common practice to partially drain pool water during a Fall closing, so chances are that your water level is below the necessary level. Sure, you can grab a garden hose and start the refill process but that does not help with water chemistry. If there is any remaining water left in your feature, you will have to test water and balance it using proper chemicals. Whether treating in-ground or above ground pools, it is important to inspect for algae formation on walls and sunken debris on the bottom.

Pool Closing: As seasons change, so does the roster of necessary equipment to keep your system in great shape. For example, during Summer, your pool cover is likely made up of mesh panelling. These are great when there is a lot of airflow but direct sunlight and warm spaces are the ideal environment for algae to form. This is where winter covers come in to play. It is important to treat water before closing down for the Winter months. Even if you are not swimming in it, it is important to monitor chlorine levels and chemicals to help to prevent the formation of algae.

Choosing Puddle Pool Pros: Locally Owned & Operated Services

All throughout the Aldergrove area, caring for swimming pools keep our experts busy. More than your average pool cleaning services, our team of experts strive to care for your water feature from top to bottom. From monitoring your pressure gauge to cleaning skimmer baskets. Fully insured staff provide experienced in-depth service for your seasonal pool care needs.

With options to book by phone or online, Puddle clients have access to necessary information 24 hours a day. Call today to book your free estimate.

Aldergrove Seasonal Pool Maintenance

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