Not Just a Seasonal Service

Beach days and ocean swims are best reserved for Summer months but pools and hot tubs are opened year-round. From the outside, the pool services industry might look like a seasonal endeavor but for those “in the know”, we keep busy all year long. With millions of personal and commercial pools in use across North America, there is always another job on the horizon. If you are looking for a fresh career in a consistent and thriving industry, Puddle Pool has it all.

What Keeps Us Busy: By casting a wide net, Puddle Pool Professionals can attract both recurring business and new customers. From indoor pools in high traffic areas, such as recreation centers and hotels; to single family, backyard pools and spas, there is always a need for professional cleaning.

Support For Local Pool Owners

Pool owners are very aware of the costs associated with a home spa or backyard pool. The cost of maintenance and chemicals is one thing, but repairs or replacements can quickly skyrocketed this encourages proper care through professional services. Whether it is seasonal pool services or standard swimming pool care, it is difficult for owners to keep up and that opens the door for professionals in the pool industry to create a thriving business.

Pool Service Companies: An Essential Business

In an uncertain time for many industries, pool cleaning and care has remained steady. With more homeowners spending time at home and more businesses welcoming locals and visitors, there is more pressure than ever to keep pool water clean and sanitary. To go this, it takes proper pool equipment and chemicals, which all cost money.

No matter the time of year, the pool care industry is constantly in demand. From pool opening in Summer to closing your pool in Fall, it is important practice to care and protect circulation systems and caring for additions like a pool cover, diving boards and beyond.

Growing the Puddle Pools Brand

With such high demand for pool care across North America, there is more need than ever for reliable Puddle Pool franchisees. As business owners, members of the Puddle brand are committed to growing their own business and the company. With a wide range of service options across many property types, franchise owners can build multiple streams of revenue to keep them going throughout the year.

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