Handling Hot Tub Maintenance

There are plenty of reasons to call in the professionals for your hot tub maintenance. Keeping your hot tub clean is not only a matter of comfort but it is a mater of hygiene and function as well. Whether you are managing the condition of your personal hot tub system or a communal area, our Puddle Pool specialists can help you keep your tub in good, working order.

When Should You Clean Your Hot Tub?

The secret to keeping your hot tub in tip-top shape, is that there is never a bad time for a cleaning. Depending on how often you make use of your system and how many people are in and out of your tub, it might require frequent cleaning. Each person that dips a toe inside your hot tub system is introducing new skin oils, hair, oils and products, into your water. Without proper cleaning, this can mean bacteria buildup, a bad filtration system and unnecessary wear and tear on your system. Because B.C has such mild weather patterns, hot tubs are in use all year. If your system is opened, you can bet that there is a Puddle Pool specialist willing to help with your hot tub cleaning.

Your Hot Tub Cleaning Service Has Never Been Easier

Our Puddle specialists strive to make your hot tub cleaning as easy as possible. What works for some might not work for all, and that is why our clients have options for their hot tub maintenance. By separating hot tub cleaning services into Gold (weekly), Silver (bi-weekly) or Bronze (monthly) options, there is no property that we can’t suit. With online and by-phone booking options, it has never been easier to own a hot tub.

Handling Hot Tub Maintenance
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