Puddle Pool Services: Plants by the Poolside

Cities are known as concrete jungles but backyards should be natural, inviting places to spend your leisure time. When trying to create the ideal outdoor oasis, property owners are quick to call a landscaping expert but don’t often consult with pool specialists. The type of plants surrounding your pool area have a direct impact on your cleaning routines and frequency. If you want a full view of your cleaning needs, ask an expert! 

How Your Plant  Life Impacts Your Pool 

Colourful plants and lush grasses might look great around a pool but these are not always the heartiest of choices. Amateur pool and spa maintenance can mean splashing, which can lead to damaged plants. While it is always better to choose salt-tolerant greenery or those plants that can withstand a small splash of chlorinated water, this just isn’t always the case. Expert pool services not only help to protect your water feature but the areas surrounding it as well. 

The plants around a pool area can have a major impact on the enjoyment of an outdoor space. Certain florals can attract unwanted insect populations like bees. No one wants to spend a warm summer day dodging swarms of bees but they also don’t want to spend it unclogging a pool filter. 

Throughout Spring and into the early days of fall, light winds can wreak havoc on yards. With leaves, needles, debris and even pollen, floating in the air, it is only a matter of time until these items make it into your pool and spa water. From there, this organic debris makes its way into filters and equipment. 

Clogged Filters: If filters become clogged, it means additional strain on your system as a whole. Without proper filtration, it does not take long for bacteria to begin to form. 

Dealing With Debris: Plants that have a high rate of cast-off are big trouble for pool owners. If left for a while, organic debris begins to break down. This break down creates an ideal environment for algae to form and thrive. 

Spotting Stains: In the same way that debris will eventually break down, it will also sink. More than looking awful, debris at the bottom of your pool can stain liners, leaving long-term problems. 

Chemistry: As more and more debris finds its way into your system, it can begin to take a toll on your water chemistry. This means sanitizer levels are thrown off and your pool can quickly become an insanitary environment. 

The type of plants around your outdoor space will have a massive impact on the condition of your pool. When you want to keep your water feature in the best possible condition, just call a Puddle Pool specialist to organize a cleaning schedule that works for you. With options for monthly and even weekly treatments, our experts can handle pools and spas of all type and size. 

Puddle Pool Services: Plants by the Poolside
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