Spring is Here! Make The Most Out of the Swim Season With a Professional Pool Opening

With temperatures on the rise, it is time to start thinking about the best way to set the stage for the summer season. After months of sitting idle, your pool water is likely suffering from several types of contamination. No one wants to pull back a pool cover in spring only to find a swamp. If your swimming pool is suffering from cloudy water, discolourations, algae growth and a buildup of debris, call a Puddle Pro to open your pool for the season!

Anyone can visit a pool supply store for testing kits and a few chlorine pucks but this is not enough to create a sanitary swim space. Dirty pools drag down property values and curb appeal, lead to damaged mechanisms and structures, and are a huge threat to health and safety. Taking on a DIY approach to opening your pool can result in subpar results and can take much longer to balance and clean water systems. Professional spring pool services are effective and efficient, allowing pool owners to make the most out of the swim season.

Pool Openings: What to Expect From the Experts

Pool water and basins often draw the most attention but there is more to pool care than water balance! After long periods of disuse, your swimming pool will need a complete tune-up and that means breaking the opening process down into multiple steps to treat water systems from the inside out.

Step 1: Initial shock treatments and algaecides. If water is cloudy, murky or green, the opening process starts off with a heavy application of pool chemicals designed to eliminate bacteria. This initial chemical application is not enough to clean water completely but it is a step in the right direction.

Step 2: Ditch Debris. Even with a pool cover, debris finds a way to sneak inside pool systems. This means that it is likely to find lighter items floating along pool surfaces, heavier items sunken to the bottom of the pool and skimmer baskets packed full of debris. Over time, some of these organic items will rot and break apart, creating smaller bits and pieces that are even more difficult to get rid of.

Step 3: Scrub, Scrub, Scrub! Once debris has been removed, it is time for heavy scrubbing! There isn’t much point in fully cleaning a pool if there is residue left behind on walls or bacteria hiding out in corners. Heavy scrubbing with telescopic poles can remove reside and algae from sides, walls and stairs.

Step 4: Final water balancing and testing. Even if pool water looks crystal clear, it may not be properly balanced. Stepping foot into contaminated pool water is a major health concern for both swimmers and pool owners. This can lead to minor issues like skin irritations or serious recreational water illnesses like ear and eye infections, digestive illness and even e-coli poisoning. Having your water tested by a professional ensures that your chemical levels are where they need to be and swimmers are safe.

If you want to hit the ground running for summer months, call a Puddle technician today for professional pool openings in your area.

Spring is Here! Make The Most Out of the Swim Season With a Professional Pool Opening
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