How to Tell If Your Hot Tub is Clean

When it comes to backyard pools, it is simple enough to keep a tally of your pool and spa cleaning schedule but commercial properties are another story. With so many cooks in the kitchen, it is easy for even basic tasks to slip through the cracks. Before you step into a tub or invite guests, it is important to ask yourself, “is this tub clean?” 

How To Tell If A Public Hot Tub Is Clean

Whether you are on vacation or are just looking to unwind after a long work day, soaking in the suds can help you relax, or it can result in recreational water illness. Read on for helpful tips and tricks to tell if a water feature is clean before you dip a toe into unfamiliar territory. 

The Smell of Chlorine: Chlorine is one of the most common sanitizers at play in hot tub water care. There is no getting away from the faint smell of this sanitizer but a really strong smell can be an indicator of chlorine levels that are just too high. Heavily treated hot tub water implies that it was recently cleaned, which sounds great in theory but it could also mean that water has been neglected for a while beforehand or that there was a high traffic party in before you. When it comes to a hot tub, cleaner spaces mean consistency, so give these sanitizers some time to settle in before you take a soak. 

Slimy Feeling: A slimy feeling is never good, whether it is the water itself or against steps and the sides of walls or tubs and swimming pools themselves. Any slimy feeling is an indicator of bacteria. As soon you feel slime, it is important to check and clean the filter, as well as using the right cleaning products to protect your feature and everyone who steps inside it. 

Cloudy Water: If spa water is foaming or cloudy, don’t get into the tub. This is a sign of a poor pool filtration system. Water in this condition is not sanitary and a proper clean involves draining your hot tub in order to properly scrub, inspect and refill your hot tub. 

The Coin Flip Test: This test is an oldie but a goodie but it is also one that you likely haven’t heard about from your hot tub manufacturer. Flipping a coin into a hot tub can give you insight into the condition of pool water. After the coin lands on the bottom, you should be able to see which side the coin has landed on. 

Keeping Your Hot Tub Clean 

Cleaning hot tubs can feel like a full-time job but it doesn’t have to. As a business or a recreational exercise centre, it is more important than ever to make sure that you are getting the best clean possible, on a consistent basis. Hiring a professional to monitor, inspect and clean all the different areas of your pool feature can help to ensure a safe and sanitary space, no matter the size, style or traffic level. 

Before pulling a cork to drain and clean your tub, it is important to have a proper plan. Just emptying water into your yard, it is important to understand how it will impact the surrounding area. Too much water can flood yards and damage grass. Instead of struggling with DIY disasters, call a Puddle Pools expert to manage your hot tubs, maintenance schedules for pool cleaning and keep users happy. 

In addition to getting the best results, our Puddle Pool Pros are committed to keeping spaces sanitary. Test strips can help to point out problems but when it comes to managing sanitizer levels and pH levels, leave it to the pros. Grabbing a garden hose to refill your tub is not enough to keep a space running smoothly. For a full clean, our pool techs turn the power to the hot tub off, inspect hot tub filters and help spa owners to start with a fresh slate. 

With a fully insured staff and a great reputation, there is no one better to call for your public hot tub cleaning than a Puddle Pool pro. Expert customer service and a great result are only a phone call away! 

How to Tell If Your Hot Tub is Clean
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