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A swimming pool can be a great addition to any property, but only if they are working properly! When a pool is damaged or in bad condition it will only go from bad to worse. This means damaged components, potential leaks, safety risks and other unpleasant surprises. If you are buying a home with a pool, selling, or just notice your swim space is in need of a little TLC, call Puddle for your Newmarket pool inspections. 

There is never a bad time to book a swimming pool inspection but it is most common during the sale of a property. There is nothing worse than signing on the dotted line only to find out that you are dealing with the need for expensive repairs and replacements. It is common practice to book a home inspection before finalizing a sale but the average home inspector isn’t often familiar with swimming pools. When you want key insights into the condition and functionality of your swimming pool, just call a local Puddle Pro. 

Why Have An Expert Inspect Your Pool? 

When you are curious about condition, the swimming pool inspectors at Puddle Pools provide in-depth assessments of the areas that you can see and the ones that you can’t. Even if a pool looks good on the outside, there are plenty of areas that might be struggling. Instead of rolling the dice, call a local expert to test condition and functionality. 

In order to get a full view of a swimming pool, Puddle technicians break the inspection service down into multiple steps, including visual inspections, system testing and safety assessments. Visual inspections involve looking for signs of physical damage like slab cracks or damaged tiles, as well as in surrounding areas. Spotting underground leaks is tricky without technical knowledge but it is a breeze for trained professionals. 

There is nothing worse than getting ready to use a swimming pool only to find out that heaters are broken or equipment is damaged. By testing internal water systems, Puddle Pros make it possible to plan ahead, even going as far as to account for repair costs into sale prices. The goal with any swim space is to turn your pool into a fun and safe place for your family to spend their summers and our technicians can help. Visual assessments and light testing of safety features and surrounding areas is key to making sure that ladders, railings, diving boards, slides and pool decks are all in good, working order. 

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Pool Inspection Services 

Throughout the town of Newmarket you have plenty of options for pool care and inspections but our Puddle crews stand out from the rest. We don’t only clean and inspect pools, we do pool leak detection as well. If you suspect that you are losing water, let our Puddle pool leak detection company perform in-depth testing to not only identify leaks, but isolate problem areas, as well. 

In the event that we do find an issue, Puddle technicians provide referrals to quality professionals in your area for reliable repairs of any pool, spa or hot tub. Please note that Level I Pool Inspections do not include a written report and cannot be used for permitting, construction or insurance purposes. 

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Wesley Horniblow
5 out of 5

Puddle Pool Services was personable and respectful. You can tell that this business is run by people who care and love what they do. They will go over the top to make sure your needs are met and will make sure everything is completed to the best of their abilities. We are looking forward to our pool opening this spring and we can’t wait to try more of their services in the future, including their weekly maintenance program.

Ava Joharian
5 out of 5

Puddle Pools comes to our house every week and they are so easy to work with! They always leave us a clean and balanced pool with a detailed report of what was done. We really don't have to worry about the pool anymore, we know everything gets done on time, even when we are at work! Highly recommend!

miracle chibueze
5 out of 5

"I can't say enough good things about Puddle Pool Services! Their team is incredibly knowledgeable and professional. They transformed my neglected pool into a sparkling oasis in no time. Their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction are truly commendable. I highly recommend Puddle Pool Services to anyone looking for reliable and top-quality pool maintenance.

Daniel kings
5 out of 5

Puddle is awesome! My pool is always spotless. And the techs are super friendly.

Taiwo Elida
5 out of 5

Puddle turns pool maintenance into an art – my pool is their masterpiece. Thanks Kevin for always doing an awesome job.

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