Newmarket Hot Tub Maintenance

Nothing cuts through a chilly evening or soothes sore muscles like a long soak in a hot tub but if a spa isn’t kept clean it not only looks awful, it is a serious risk to health a safety. No one wants to pull back their spa cover to find swampy green water or terrible smells. Instead of taking risk on contaminated water make Newmarket hot tub maintenance a part of your regular routine. 

At a glance, hot tubs seem like pretty simple systems but they are more complicated than meets the eye. Unlike a bathtub you can’t just pull a plug and drain water every time it starts to look a little cloudy. Instead, maintaining a clean swim space means routine water treatments and balancing, debris removal and scrubbing — and that doesn’t even include the internal systems that keep water flowing! If this sounds like a lot of hard work, that’s because it is! Taking a DIY approach to cleaning can mean dedicating a whole lot of time and energy only to end up with subpar results. When you want great results, call a Puddle Pro instead! 

Hot Tub Care: The Importance of a Regular Cleaning Program 

When installing a new hot tub the process is pretty simple, plug it in, grab a garden hose and fill it up but without proper water treatments it won’t take long for this water to go green. A damp, dark and warm space is the ideal environment for algae and bacteria to thrive and your hot tub fits the bill. The key to keeping a spa clean is consistency. Missing just one chemical treatment can lead to cloudy or contaminated water. Luckily, local Puddle Pros have broken the cleaning process down into a multi-step approach that treats water systems inside and out. 

Water Treatments: You wouldn’t swim in someone else’s bathwater but that is exactly what is happening when you step foot into a dirty hot tub. Contaminated water isn’t always easily visible but it is always a major problem. Stepping foot into contaminated water can lead to recreational water illnesses like skin irritations, ear and eye infections or digestive issues. You can’t rely on a handful of hot tub chemicals and test kits to get the right results. Puddle experts will test the water in your system and balance sanitizer levels like chlorine or bromine, as well as total alkalinity, calcium and pH levels. 

Debris Removal: When dealing with a hot tub you can’t just flip the switch on an automatic vacuum and watch it suck up debris from the bottom of your spa. Hot tub shells have seats and steps that need to be navigated around and that means taking a manual approach. Specialty hand-held vacuums make it possible to suck up unwanted items while allowing filtered water to pass back through. It is also important to check up on floating skimmer baskets and filters for the best possible results. 

Keep Your Filter Cleaner: The goal of any filter is to catch small bits of debris that are tough to remove manually. Over time small bits and pieces will layer into a much larger problem. Water needs to be able to flow freely through circulation systems but if filters are clogged it stops water from passing through easily. This means pool pumps have to work harder, meaning more strain and a reduced lifespan for internal components and equipment. Regularly cleaning the filter is a great way to help output, reduce energy uses and daily running costs and keeps your water systems in great shape. 

Deep Cleans/Refreshes: When you want to keep your hot tub cleaner, over longer periods it is important to incorporate deep cleans at least once a year. This process invoices a multi-part chemical treatment that is designed to flow through water systems loosening buildup and debris that will then be pushed into shells. It is then time to drain the hot tub. A drain and refill seems like a simple process but you can’t just pull the drain and let water flow out. An improper draining can quickly lead to flooded basements, water damage, staining or rot so it is always best left up to the experts. Once empty shells, jets and headrests can be scrubbed and the hot tub water can then be refilled. As soon as the water is refilled, technicians will come back for a final balancing of chemical levels to ensure that water chemistry is where it should be. 

Puddle Hot Tub Cleaning: Excellent Results For Homes & Businesses 

If you are looking to get the best results for your hot tub or spa all it takes is one phone call to your local Puddle Pro. Each member of the Puddle team is highly trained and experienced so we can handle tubs of all shapes, sizes and styles. With options for routine cleaning programs, service calls and deep cleans, there is never a bad time to schedule a visit from a local expert. 

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Wesley Horniblow
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Puddle Pool Services was personable and respectful. You can tell that this business is run by people who care and love what they do. They will go over the top to make sure your needs are met and will make sure everything is completed to the best of their abilities. We are looking forward to our pool opening this spring and we can’t wait to try more of their services in the future, including their weekly maintenance program.

Ava Joharian
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Puddle Pools comes to our house every week and they are so easy to work with! They always leave us a clean and balanced pool with a detailed report of what was done. We really don't have to worry about the pool anymore, we know everything gets done on time, even when we are at work! Highly recommend!

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"I can't say enough good things about Puddle Pool Services! Their team is incredibly knowledgeable and professional. They transformed my neglected pool into a sparkling oasis in no time. Their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction are truly commendable. I highly recommend Puddle Pool Services to anyone looking for reliable and top-quality pool maintenance.

Daniel kings
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Puddle is awesome! My pool is always spotless. And the techs are super friendly.

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Puddle turns pool maintenance into an art – my pool is their masterpiece. Thanks Kevin for always doing an awesome job.

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