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White Rock Hot Tub Maintenance

In the right condition, a pool and spa can boost curb appeal and enjoyment around any property type. From exercise to relaxation, there is nothing that a water feature can’t do – as long as they are in good condition. Regular cleanings can be overwhelming but even a bit of neglect can cause serious damage and health hazards – so call a Puddle Pool specialist instead!  

Professional White Rock hot tub maintenance can provide deep cleans as well as spot treatments to keep your systems running smoothly. More than focusing on water conditions alone, experts use specialized cleaning products to inspect hot tub filters, scrub shells and care for even the toughest areas. 

What Goes Into A Proper Hot Tub Cleaning? 

There are plenty of hot tub cleaners on the market, some in the form of chemicals, automated machines or old fashioned skimmer baskets and filters. Skimming water surfaces is an important part of creating an inviting environment but maintaining a sanitary environment is key to success for homes as well as communal areas and commercial spaces. 

Sliding into spa water should be a relaxing experience but with each body that slips below the surface, there are items being left behind. Everything from hair products, body lotions, skin cells and any other debris are being introduced to water, along with bacteria. This leaves residue on the sides and floors of walls, which is both slippery and unsanitary. 

Keeping up with chemicals and sanitizers is key to maintaining clean and clear hot tub water but without scrubbing, this will only last so long. Imbalanced chemicals can lead to algae growth and even (eventually) e-coli. Tossing in a few chemicals or pucks is great but it does not do anything for your hot tub shell. 

Trying to drain a hot tub without the right technique can cause major water damage or even flooding. Introducing chemicals into your lawn can kill grass, resulting in expensive replacements and repairs. Ditch the risk and call today for professional, fully-insured services. 

Hot Tub Services: Two Types of Clean 

When it comes time to clean your hot tub, there are two distinct ways to get the job done: with a spot clean and with a deep clean. One of these requires a bit of elbow grease, skimming and scrubbing while the other means draining your hot tub. 

Spot Clean: A simple spot cleaning should be done regularly, with chemical test kits, specialized brushing and removing debris. This can be done with a full spa and should be done once a week, at minimum. 

Deep Clean: A thorough cleaning of a water feature means draining your hot tub and really getting into the nitty-gritty of your system. When opting to drain and clean` your system, it is important to consider all aspects of your system. From water lines to hot tub covers and shells, there is always something to do – and don’t forget to clean the filter! Depending on the amount of traffic passing through your system this should be done at least once a month. 

If this feels like a lot of work – that is because it is! Keeping a schedule is important to overall conditions, as well as health and safety. Luckily, there are Puddle specialists in your area that can handle this for you. 

Puddle Pool Services: Cannonball Into Clean 

Property owners across South Surrey already have their hands full, so why not trust a professional to care for your water features? Locally owned and operated pool services understand the unique challenges facing your home, commercial or communal pool. In order to get the best results for our clients, Puddle Pool specialists offer services on a schedule or on a call-out basis. 

White Rock Hot Tub Maintenance

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