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For any homeowner, having a pool is a luxury but a demanding maintenance schedule can make it feel like anything but. From small above-ground pools to larger in-ground swimming pools, there is always something to be done. Luckily. there is a Puddle Pool specialist in your area, offering up expert cleaning with none of the hassle. 

Professional White Rock pool cleaning services can help to keep your water feature running smoothly. From identifying problem areas to maintaining filtration systems and just keeping up appearances, there is nothing that our highly trained crews can’t handle. 

Pool Maintenance Services: Keeping Things Clean 

Water features are always at the mercy of the elements. Unlike ponds and fountains that don’t require everyday care, pools can’t be left on their own for very long. Depending on the weather and seasonal changes, even a single day of neglect can leave an ugly mark on your fixture. 

It is common enough for wind to shake leaves and debris out of trees, leaving them to fall onto the surface of pool water but this is just the tip of the iceberg! Bacteria, growth and grime are always accumulating against the sides and bottom of the pool. Leaving these to collect can result in skin irritations, illness or damage to the structure itself. 

More than just dealing with debris, proper care means managing pool equipment, pH levels, filters, heat and circulation systems, as well as balancing sanitizers and other chemicals. If this sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. If you are having a tough time keeping up with the needs of pools, spas and surrounding areas, lean on your local, “maintenance only” Puddle specialists. 

Puddle Pool Care: More Than Skimming the Surface 

Puddle Pool crews are committed to keeping our communities clean – so much so that we’ve made a career out of it! Keeping pools and hot tubs clean is more than an issue of curb appeal (although it doesn’t hurt!), but is a question of health and safety. It does not take long for water conditions to head south resulting in negative health effects but also in costly repairs and replacements. 

At its best, pool water is a clear or blue colour (sometimes impacted by the colour of your tiles or liner). This is a sign of a well-maintained pool and is accomplished through regular skimming of the top and bottom of pool but also of balanced chemicals. Forgetting to apply chemicals for only a week can see this water begin to turn colour into a more teal look. 

Discoloured water is bad but the longer that you wait, the worse pools and hot tubs become. It only takes around 2 weeks for algae and harmful bacterial to begin to form. It is common to see algae around a lake or pond but in a closed environment it can spread quickly, taking over in no time at all. Instead of letting it get to this point, make regular cleaning and maintenance a part of your routine. 

Pool Services: Understanding Your System 

The best weapon that property owners or managers have against bacteria and algae is a functioning pool filter. In conjunction with balanced sanitizers and chemicals, a functioning filtration system can help to keep water clean and clear. This sounds great but how do you know when filters are working correctly? 

Having experienced pool specialists visit your property on a regular basis means expert insight into the overall condition of your water feature. In addition to filter inspections, Puddle Pool specialists test water, apply sanitizers and necessary chemical treatments, as well as scrubbing away any residue and skimming unwanted objects. Pool vacuums might help to suck up obvious debris but when you want real results, it is best to call the professionals. 

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5 out of 5

First time coming out Andy immediately cleaned filters, checked salt water cylinder and cleaned it, added treatment levels and took the time to explain to me what was needed. He comes weekly and always notifies me when he will be at my home. So far so good!

5 out of 5

Thank you to Mark and Stefanie For all of your coordination work with our hot tubs throughout our rental properties. I would recommend them Do anybody looking for professional care of hot tubs in rental units. Very organized and very clean system.

5 out of 5

Happy to leave them a review, they came the same day to clean up and fix our hot tub that was left at the house that we purchased. Service was great, their gal Tessa was polite and very knowledgeable. Thank you Puddle :-)

5 out of 5

Out puddle guy Mike comes every Thursday and we are more than happy to give them a great review. Never had an issue with correspondence, he’s here at the same time each week and the pool always looks good.

5 out of 5

Great company as far as service goes. The two technicians that come to our house every week are always happy and professional. Our pool always looks great and we have never had to call them back. We definitely recommend them.

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