White Rock Seasonal Pool Maintenance

There is nothing better than enjoying a pool day during the summer or dipping into a hot tub during fall but when it comes time to set the stage for the season, there is a lot of work involved! Whether prepping to open up or close down, it is important to have a schedule that works for you and your property type. 

Instead of just focusing on the condition of your pool water, proper care means looking at the big picture and the smaller details. Luckily, Puddle Pool Specialists are highly trained and know their way around a water feature! Cannonball into clean with White Rock seasonal pool maintenance. 

Seasonal Pool Services: A Break From the Every-Day 

No matter the type of pool or spa that you are dealing with, there are certain tasks that need to be performed in order to keep things running smoothly. Maintaining water levels and pH levels are key to keeping a pool clean. These can be done with test strips and a quick water sample. Skimming surfaces can remove floating debris but these simple tasks are only the tip of the iceberg. 

It is not uncommon to lean on automatic pool cleaners to suck up debris from the bottom of your pool. This seems simple enough but these machines rarely get the right results to keep your pool clean and usable. More than physical debris, pools are dealing with residue left behind from body lotions and hair products. 

Treating these areas is a part of everyday maintenance but when the temperatures begin to change, proper maintenance takes on a life of its own. Whether you are looking for the right way to perform a pool opening or a pool closing, our team of local experts can help! 

Gearing Up For Warmer Weather 

As soon as weather begins to warm, pool owners are eager to pull off that winter cover and get the heaters running! Before you can even think of diving on in, there are a few things that need to happen first. Chances are, if you’ve closed your system properly, water levels are low and what is left is completely untreated. 

Before filling up, sides and surfaces need to be scrubbed clean of any dirt, debris or bacteria. During this time filters and pool circulation systems should be inspected along with any necessary equipment like skimmer baskets, pool pumps or vacuums and then re-installing anything that has been removed such as pool ladders. 

Closing Down For Winter 

The first day of fall is always sad and not just because the temperature is dropping. As it starts to get cool, it is time for our Puddle Pool specialists to get to work. Waiting too long to shut your pool down is a sure-fire way to have cracks in water lines, damaged pool equipment and expensive repairs and replacements. 

Water cannot be left to sit all winter long and this means draining. A heavy amount of fresh water can damage lawns to a degree but adding chemicals to this makes situations even worse. An unexpected diversion can direct water to vulnerable areas, leading to flooding indoors and over-saturated lawns. 

Cannonball Into Clean: Choosing Puddle Pool Services For Every Season 

Choosing a professional pool care crew not only gets the best results for your treatments but can also take the heavy lifting off your hands. Local experts provide timely services and are fully insured, meaning peace of mind to our clients. From the moment that we pull back that pool cover to the second that we send in a shock treatment, our crews are committed to keeping your water system running smoothly. By offering scheduled services, along with call-outs, Puddle Pool crews are able to service any pool type at a cost-competitive rate. 

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5 out of 5

Great guys sent over today for our pool closing. Took them a couple hours, it was pouring rain and they were still smiling. Nice little company to deal with.

5 out of 5

We have puddle look after our rental properties throughout the city. Always happy with the service. Was more than happy to leave a good review for their team.

5 out of 5

Fantastic work by Mike! Saved us $550 for a leak that was just a small hose that he repaired for $100. Other company was sure the liner was leaking and wanted to run tests, Mike was very honest.

5 out of 5

Jason and Kain service our hot tub and pool, great guys, always happy to have them around. They keep the water clean. Would recommend them 100%

5 out of 5

Bought this house with a pool that was green. After 3 days it looked new. Very impressed with the two technician girls that did the job. Really knowledgeable.

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