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Port Moody Seasonal Pool Maintenance

In the same way that you might prep a property for a change of seasons, you need to care for your pool! Whether closing down for winter or opening up in Spring, there are a few (not so) simple steps that need to be taken. Pool care can be complicated at the best of times, so leave the heavy lifting to a Puddle Pool professional! 

Port Moody seasonal pool maintenance can care for your water feature at any time of year, protecting it from the elements and setting your space up for success. Whether you are dealing with a backyard water system or a shared pool environment, Puddle Pool crews are ready and equipped to open, close, clean and maintain it! 

Shutting Down For Winter 

When temperatures begin to drop, it is important to close your swimming pool down before snow begins to fall. In fact, the process should begin about three weeks before frosts become a regular occurrence. Closing down means dropping water levels and inspecting important aspects of your pool, like its filtration system. 

It is easy to forget about pool equipment when you are busy balancing chemicals and scrubbing. Leaving rogue items like skimmer baskets, vacuums, pool toys or ladders floating inside your pool, you can expect damage and staining. When pH levels are imbalanced, higher alkalinity can become corrosive, damaging metals. 

Finally, once the physical aspects of your closing are completed, it is time for one last water treatment! Taking the time to shock your pool can help to set it up for success in the coming Spring. Shock treatments can help to reduce bacteria and balance water chemistry. 

Open Your Pool For Spring 

By the time that warm weather rolls around, pool owners are itching to hit the water but there is more to do before you can take a dip. After a proper pool cleaning, water levels should be reduced. This means having access to certain areas that are usually underwater. This makes scrubbing away unwanted dirt and bacteria that much easier. 

Once obvious staining is handled, water can be refilled and treated. If any algae has formed over the course of winter, a shock treatment may be in order. Pool chemicals and sanitizers can beat back bacteria that had developed over time, creating a clean and welcoming environment. After sitting for months at a time, it is important to inspect pool pumps. Running your pump for even a couple of minutes can let you know whether or not it needs an update or repair. 

Puddle Pool Services: Seasonal Pool Care From the Pros 

No matter the size or style of your pool, it is important to treat it according to your climate. After years in the industry, our experts have all the tricks of the trade to keep your system running smoothly. Just pulling back a pool cover can dump a season’s worth of debris into your system, meaning more cleaning later. Instead of struggling with trial and error, let a professional handle it for you. 

Water testing kits are a dime a dozen but these do not explain how to maintain pool chemistry. Having a pool professional come in, ensures that chemicals are balanced properly but also inspects the lesser viewed aspects of your space, like pumps and filters. A trained eye ensures that every aspect of your pool and spa is cared for properly. 

Choosing local care options means never being put on the back burner. Puddle Pool crews are committed to getting the best results for our clients, no matter the time of year. Seasonal servicing options can be paired with regularly scheduled cleanings to keep your space in excellent condition all year long. 

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Lilly worked on my pool and now it's in better condition than ever! Honestly one of the best services if you need work done on a pool. They know their stuff

5 out of 5

That was such a great experience working with Puddle Pool Services manager Mark. He was professional and explained me all the treatments our pool needed. Their tech guy Jamie - showed up on time and cleaned our pool. I recommend that company.

5 out of 5

I was incredibly happy with the service provided to me. Mark the manager was very thorough with the information and extremely helpful. I will be using their services again.

5 out of 5

Spoke with Mark over the phone and explained to him my pool issues, he assured me it was an easy fix. Jamie was over as soon as possible and handled everything perfectly. Thank you guys so much.

5 out of 5

I had an amazing experience with Puddle Pool Services. Their manager Mark was very patient explaning everything that my pool needed and they solved very quickly. I really recommend this company!

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