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Maple Ridge Hot Tub Cleaning

There is nothing that a well-maintained hot tub or spa can’t do! From recreation to exercise and health benefits, to curb appeal and added property values, a water feature is always a great addition. With a laundry list of benefits, having a spa seems like a no-brainer, but what about maintenance?

It is easy enough to scoop up leaves and surface debris but proper hot tub care goes far below the surface. Keeping your water feature in good, working order means focusing on filtration systems, water chemistry and balancing hot tub chemicals properly. When water care alone is frustrating, off-load your Maple Ridge hot tub maintenance onto a professional with Puddle Pool Services.

In-Depth Hot Tub Services

You might be able to fill a wading pool with a garden hose and call it finished but managing a spa is much more difficult. Wiping down a stain or discolouration from a hot tub cover is one thing but simple spot treatments will only get you so far. When you want your system to run smoothly, it is important to focus on spot cleanings and deep cleans, on a regular basis.

Water balance is key to keeping a clean and welcoming environment, particularly in high traffic areas. With each person that steps into your hot tub water, there are new elements being introduced into your water. From hairspray and body products to skin cells and hair, these items are what make hot tub filters so important.

Monitoring sanitizer levels is important but so is taking the time to clean the filter. When it comes to your filter, cleaner is always better. Without a functioning circulation system, bacteria sits, creating an unsafe environment. Some stains and discolourations can be spot-cleaned away but in order to protect the condition of your structure, draining your hot tub for proper cleanings is key, usually around the changing of the seasons.

Hot Tub Cleaning: Choosing Puddle Pool Services

A test kit or test strips might alert hot tub owners to imbalanced water chemistry but it does not tell you how to fix it. Using the wrong cleaning products or the wrong levels of chlorine or bromine can lead to damage to your system – or your person! If chemical levels are low, it opens the door to bacteria but when they are too high, it can lead to eye and skin irritations. Instead of waiting for the worst-case scenario, call Puddle for the right results.

Maintaining a clean water feature is not only about looks. Spa filters might help to trap and hold floating bacteria but as buildup begins to form or features are not winterized properly, it can lead to costly repairs and expensive replacements. Regular cleaning and inspections can help to prolong the lifespan of your appliance. saving you money.

Instead of spreading ourselves thin, Puddle Pool Crews focus on maintenance only service. Expert tools and techniques allow Puddle specialists to provide top of the line service to spas of any size. Whether in a backyard, communal space or commercial environment like hotels or recreation centres, there is nothing that our experienced crews can’t handle.

Keeping Up With Demand

High traffic environments require constant care. Skimming surfaces can improve the look of your features but when you want to the cleanest possible environment, it means a healthy mix of spot treatments and deep cleanings. In order to keep up with the needs of our clients, Puddle Pool specialists have created a tiered service plan to accommodate your space.

For high traffic areas, frequent service is always best while less travelled areas can often stick to bi-weekly or even monthly visits. Each type of spa has their own unique needs, so choose between weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service schedules.

Maple Ridge Hot Tub Cleaning

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