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Maple Ridge Seasonal Pool Maintenance

No matter how much you might enjoy a pool over the Summer months, closing down is a pain! When weather begins to cool, it is important to act quickly to protect your water feature and Puddle Pool crews are committed to getting the job done. Whether closing down for winter or opening up in Spring, expert Maple Ridge seasonal pool maintenance gets the job done right.

Proper care for pools and spas means treating water but it also means monitoring pH levels, sanitizers, caring for structures and pool equipment, along with regular inspection of filters and circulation systems. This is a long list at any time of year, but it is no problem for Puddle Pool experts.

The Do’s & Do Not’s of Seasonal Pool Care

Your swimming pool requires regular cleaning and care throughout the year but it takes more than a few minutes with a skimmer to keep your system running smoothly. In order to keep pools in the best possible condition, it is important to close down and open your pool in the right way.

DON’T: Get Stuck On Water Balance: Plenty of pool owners are quick to reach for test kits or strips in order to assess water chemistry. These testers are the most basic way to assess sanitizer and chlorine levels but they are not able to prevent algae, scrub surfaces or inspect filters. Instead of focusing solely on your pool’s water, it is important to consider the other moving parts of your system.

DON’T: Ignore Filters and Debris: Pool filters function behind the scenes so it is easy to ignore him. Skimming surfaces might help to ditch debris but if filters become clogged, these will be the least of your worries. Without regular inspection, filters can become clogged or necessary pieces can become cracked or damaged. Keep an eye on these areas and guarantee success for your space.

DO: Pay Attention to Equipment and Fixtures: The pool cleaning process means caring for tools and equipment. Skimmer baskets, vacuums and even pool toys must be removed during closings to avoid damage. High alkalinity is corrosive and can damage metals around ladders and hardware.

DO: Look for Algae: When opening a pool for Summer, there is a good chance that algae will be present in your system in one area or another. Water levels are dropped during closings but not always completely emptied, depending on your system. A shock treatment can help to combat any unwanted growth, and scrubbing can help to clear away residue for a clean slate.

Choosing Puddle Pool Services

Throughout Maple Ridge B.C., there are in-ground and above ground pools scattered across residential properties and communal spaces. Choosing the right local pool care can mean the difference between a clean and inviting space and an absolute mess! Luckily, Puddle Pool Services is able to service water features of all shapes and sizes.

Proper care and inspections can help to not only keep your space clean but can protect pools and prevent unnecessary pool liner replacements. No matter the size of your space or the amount of traffic passing through, there are service options for you! No matter your needs, call Puddle Pool Service today!

Maple Ridge Seasonal Pool Maintenance

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