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Beach and water culture are huge all throughout British Columbia. There is hardly a person in the Maple Ridge area that is not a fan of sitting lakeside, playing a water sport or relaxing near the beach. Natural bodies of water are great, but who wouldn’t want their own, located right in their backyard. If you are lucky enough to have a pool or hot tub at your disposal, you know very well how hard they can be to maintain. Instead of struggling with your swimming pool or dealing with hot tub headaches, call a Puddle specialist for your Maple Ridge pool and hot tun services.

Meeting Your Routine Maintenance Needs

For some property owners, pool or hot tub use can be a “sometimes” activity while for others, these appliances have become the epicentre of their nighttime relaxation. No matter how often you use your pool or hot tub, cleanings are a necessity. Every time someone enters your pool, they are introducing oils, products and other organic materials into your system. An exposed pool or hot is also at the mercy of the element. Surrounding plant life can leave deposits on water surface and at the bottom of your pool. Automatic cleaning systems, such as vacuums might put a dent in this collection of unwanted items but they don’t do much else! Floor vacuums and automated cleaners do not scrub away growth and bacteria that has formed in those hard to reach places. Instead of putting up with the slime, grime and algae that can form inside your pool, trust Puddle Pool Services with your Maple Ridge pool and hot tub services.

Seasonal Maple Ridge Pool & Hot Tub Services

Cleanings might be a regular part of your pool maintenance but semi-annual openings and closings are just as important to the condition of your system. Trying to tackle these chores all on your own does not always get you the results that you are expecting. Improper techniques for pool closings can result in algae growth, which retains moisture against walls and flooring. This sitting moisture can degrade concrete and cause damage to the integrity of your pool system. Improper drainage can also result in structural damage as water freezes and expands during cold temperatures.

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Dmitry Jonson
5 out of 5

That was such a great experience working with Puddle Pool Services manager Mark. He was professional and explained me all the treatments our pool needed. Their tech guy Jamie - showed up on time and cleaned our pool. I recommend that company.

ajay aujla
5 out of 5

Called in to see if they could come get the pool ready for the kids, Mark was great, sent over Michael, who by the way did a great job. He was fast and cleaned up very nicely. Highly recommend these guys!

Kush and Shatter
5 out of 5

Jamie was extremely helpful and straight forward with the service. He walked me through the process in an easy to follow way. 10/10 service. I wholeheartedly recommend this service to everyone considering using Puddle Pool Service!

Paloma Guimarães
5 out of 5

I had a great experience with Puddle Pool Services. I arranged all the details with the manager Mark for filter cleaning and water treatment. The technician Lilly did an amazing job!

Teacher Thaís
5 out of 5

I had an amazing experience with Puddle Pool Services. Their manager Mark was very patient explaning everything that my pool needed and they solved very quickly. I really recommend this company!

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