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No matter how careful you might be, there are some things that will always be out of your control. Something as simple as a heavy rain fall can lead to serious damage to an outdoor pool space, while a broken glass can lead to flooding indoors. As tough as a pool or hot tub might seem, there are plenty of things that can go wrong, but that is what insurance is for!

It is safe to say that any time an insurance claim is made, there is an incredible amount of stress involved. Unlike claiming certain items, managing structural claims associated with any personal injury or property damage associated with a swimming pool is complex, and far reaching. Whenever there is water involved, it is important to inspect every element of your swim space, and that takes a lot of effort and technical knowledge. Hiring Puddle for any insurance claims for pools and hot tubs, means a full picture of what you are dealing with, the cost of repair and the time frame necessary to get the job done.


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Every homeowner understands the importance of home insurance, in the same way that every driver understands the importance of auto insurance. In addition to protecting the items inside structures, property owners must worry about general liability insurance and liability coverage, for both personal property and commercial spaces. With so much on the go, standard homeowners can easily get lost in the different needs of their spaces. The fact is that when you are dealing with a pool, spa or hot tub, it has a whole other set of criteria that need to be met.

Whether making a claim, or seeking out a new insurance policy, it is important to understand the advantages and setbacks posed by your unique swim space. For example, an above ground pool located far away from structures is more likely to flood lawns and damage external spaces, as opposed to an inground pool that can flood homes. Types of pools and their location can drastically impact the potential risk factors associated with your property.

During installation, a pool contractor will often ensure their work to prevent any unforeseen issues, but once they have packed up and left, property owners are left on their own. As a pool owner, it is important to understand the differences between accidental damage, normal wear and tear, and even to have a full view of what is required in terms of commercial general liability needs. From torn liners, leaking pipes and even slippery diving boards, pool insurance is a must. Calling a Puddle Pro not only provides necessary insight into the overall condition of your system but can help to gain full insight into potential risks, your ideal coverage number, and to help settle claims. 

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