Gym & Fitness Centre Maintenance

As the owner, or property manager of a pool and fitness center, there is a lot of pressure to keep equipment working, and members safe, and that means keeping up with your pool cleaning. A trip to the gym is meant to leave swimmers feeling relaxed, well-exercised and more in control of their health. Whenever you are dealing with a commercial swimming pool, there should be a huge emphasis on regular cleaning practices, including chemical treatments and balancing. The health and safety of members and guests is always of top importance, so let our Puddle experts help!

In a high-paced environment, there is always a lot on the go. It is easy to get swept up maintaining a weight room, or inspecting cardio equipment, and this can mean pool maintenance services are often overlooked. When left unchecked, the condition of pool water can lead to serious illness, a huge hit to the reputation of any business and, can lead to unnecessary wear and tear on your system, along with costly repairs and replacements. Full-service fitness center pool care helps to protect your equipment, as well as swimmers, and your facility.

The Importance of Pool Cleaning for Gyms

More and more people are taking an active role in their health and lifestyle. This might mean balanced diets and regular check-ups, but it also means exercise. Swimming is great for cardio, strengthening weakened muscle, heart health, and is a great way for those suffering from chronic illness, such as arthritis, to keep up with their exercise routine without pain. With all of this in mind, it is no wonder that the swimming pool and spa is one of the highest traffic areas around a gym.

Keep Ahead of the Competition: Fitness centers are a highly competitive space. With so many options, customers base where they exercise on more than just available weight and cardio equipment – namely, cleanliness! No one wants to dive into the deep end when it is full of murky water.

Beat Bacteria: In the same way that you might worry about debris, algae and discolorations outdoors, it is important to consider manmade issues indoors. Viruses, for example, are highly transmittable through a pool and hot tub, as well as surrounding areas. Ensuring that your chemicals are balanced, and the filtration system is working, means swimmers stay safe.

Tailored Service: An important part of pool services, as well as with any water feature, is to create a customized plan that suits the unique needs of your swim space. Working alongside a professional, like the ones at Puddle, enable owners and managers to create a treatment schedule that caters to everything from traffic levels, to opening hours, the number of pools and hot tubs within your facility, and the types of equipment that you are dealing with.

Keep Clients Coming Back: Gym members love consistency, particularly when it comes to their equipment. A regular cleaning routine can help to keep pools and hot tubs ready for use, at any time.

Keep Things Running Smoothly: When dealing with any swim space, it is important to ensure that all moving parts are fully functioning. A clogged filtration system or a faulty pool pump can take your water from crystal clear to cloudy, or even green, in no time at all. Without proper training and technical knowledge, it is easy to miss one aspect of your care, leading to serious issues.

Calling an expert for your commercial pool services can help to create a safe and attractive space for members to enjoy and give you one less thing to worry about.

Puddle Pool Services: Exercising Great Pool Care

Working with a Puddle pool expert means not only great results, but peace of mind, as well. Each member of the team is fully insured to protect both our technicians, and your property. With customizable options for swim spaces both large and small, there is no space that our specialists can’t handle.

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