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Installing a new pool or hot tub is a great way to add apparel to any property. This might mean a pop of visual appeal, encouraging guests, tenants, and friends to kick back and relax, or it might mean added curb appeal. As exciting as a new construction project might be – these projects make a mess! Pool construction involves a ton of measuring, piles of permits and a whole lot of digging. As pool contractors are putting on their finishing touches, it is time to consider the cleanup, and that is where our Puddle Pros come in.

For many homeowners, designing their ideal space can be a rush, but putting it into practice requires a huge commitment, of time, money and energy. After spending months – or even years – to design and install a custom pool space, you don’t want to be held back by a mess. Calling Puddle for your pool cleaning following installation means having the ability to dive on in to a clean and sanitary system as soon as possible.

Pool Shell Cleaning: Setting Your Swimming Pool Up for Success

Pool contractors and cleaners are a perfect match. While one group sets pin up, the other knocks them down, creating a clean slate for homeowners. Following a construction project or installation, finished pools are often filled with dust, mud or other debris from surrounding areas. You can’t leave these areas a mess, and an amateur approach to cleaning can lead to tears in liners and other unexpected damage.

To best care for a pool system, it is important to clean and treat systems according to their unique makeup. For example, cleaning a vinyl liner requires a different technique than cleaning a concrete or fiberglass pool will. As obvious as sitting debris might be, there is always something hiding out just behind the scenes. An expected blockage in the filtration system, for example, can pose a serious risk to the overall function of your system and can lead to unnecessary wear and tear. There is no point in going through the frustration of a pool installation, only to have internal mechanisms break down.

You might be eager to put your backyard pool to use, but before you add water, it is important to have a thorough cleaning. Once surfaces are clean, water can be added – but the hard work does not stop there! Filling a pool, spa or hot tub can take hours, and once full, it is time to perform another clean. Basic pool vacuums can collect some bits of sunken debris, but they are unable to clean tougher areas, such as corners, stairs and interior spaces. After all of this, it is time to work on water chemistry!

Water testing is a complicated process, and it can take days to get it right. Without proper chemical balancing, pool water can quickly go from crystal clear to murky, green, smelly and just plain dangerous. Puddle Pool Services are committed to maintaining safe and sanitary environments, and won’t stop until water is clean and balanced, reaching the right levels, every time.

Puddle Pool Services: Not Your Average Pool Company

It does not matter if you have 20 days or 20 years of experience as a pool owner, construction will always come along with curve balls. Each member of the Puddle team is highly experienced, expertly trained, and well-versed in working alongside pool contractors and owners, to get the best results possible. From start to finish, our team ensures that your new or updated pool is running smoothly, free of debris and in the best possible condition. Once you are properly installed and ready to swim, our Puddle Pros also offer regular pool maintenance to keep your system in great shape, all year long.

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