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There are plenty of reasons that someone might be book a night in your hotel. It could be a long-awaited getaway, an impromptu road trip, or just trying out a staycation, but whatever brought them to your door, you can bet that they are looking forward to taking a dip in a pool or soaking in a hot tub. When your swimming pool is in great shape, these high traffic areas are full of happy faces, primed for great reviews and will encourage more bookings for your business. On the other hand, even a bit of neglect can lead to skin irritations, eye infections, and a huge hit to reputations – as well as damage to the system itself. Put your worries to bed by calling a Puddle Pro today.

Whenever you are dealing with a hotel, pool cleaning services should be performed according to the unique needs of your swim space, whether it is indoor, outdoor, a full-size pool, hot tub or anything in-between. From weekly maintenance, bi-weekly cleanings and seasonal care, there is nothing that our team of experts can’t handle. Professional commercial pool services help to protect your guests, and your budgets by limiting wear and tear, as well as prolonging the lifespan of your swim space.

Understanding Pool Care in the Hospitality Industry

Great water features can add a lot of personality to your hotel lobby, or guest spaces, but when it comes to pool water, it becomes a matter of health and safety. Different types of pools require different types of care and attention, and without the right technical knowledge, this can be a huge issue. One of the many advantages of hiring a professional pool service company is a catered approach to your water system.

When you want to create a clean and inviting swim space for guests, it is important to not only create a system of scheduled care, but to fully understand the risks associated with even the smallest bit of neglect.

Pool Water: Everyone knows that proper water balance is key to a sanitary space, but it is very easy to incorrectly measure pool chemicals. Too few chemicals can lead to algae blooms, discoloration, digestive issues and even infections, while too many chemicals can lead to skin irritations and a negative impact of pool equipment and mechanisms.

Pool Equipment: Part of regular pool maintenance is inspecting the aspects of your water system that keep it running. Failing to properly clean out filter baskets, or inspect motors and pumps can mean unseen damage, stretched over long periods of time. Unlike basic breaks or simple fixes, performing repairs or replacements on a pool or hot tub is an expensive process that can drive away business in the meantime. Puddle Pool Services is not just another swimming pool company. Our experts offer high quality pool care, at a competitive rate, and excellent customer service. When you want the best results for your pool, hot tub or swim spa, look no further than your friendly neighborhood Puddle expert.

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