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To stay healthy, children require a lot of exercise. Access to sports is a great way to keep kids engaged, stay in shape, and burn off excess energy. No matter the time of year, swimming is a great way to fit cardio into everyday life, and that is why it is important for schools to keep on top of regular pool cleaning and maintenance.

Maintaining a clean swimming environment is difficult at the best of times, but when you add hundreds of children from various age groups, it becomes even more difficult. Any time there are kids involved, there is always the risk of contamination of water, and unexpected damage to pool equipment. For teachers and supervisors, it can be difficult to keep track of everyone’s actions all at once, never mind keeping an eye on water chemistry and balance. Hiring professional swimming pool services can help to keep your water crystal clear, and your water running smoothly.

Pool Care in Schools: Keeping Up with Kids

Unlike the average pool owner who may have to monitor a swim space for several people, pool managers in schools are responsible for the health and wellness of hundreds of children. This is a lot of responsibility, in a complex arena. The average life of a water feature within a school setting will go through a regular rotation of regular cleanings, seasonal spruce-ups and even the need to drain and refill whole systems.

Water Chemistry: Imbalanced pool water can lead to skin irritations, eye and ear infections and other superficial irritants. Without the right level of sanitizers and chemicals, it is also possible for viruses to transmit within swim spaces. Unlike a low traffic, backyard pool or hot tub, keeping up with the demand for cleanings and balancing in a high traffic environment can be tough, so trust a pro to handle the heavy lifting for you! After years of experience in the industry, our Puddle Pros can handle the shifting needs of pool school programs.

Equipment & Structures: Pool maintenance is about more than just water chemistry. Pool cleaning in schools requires a trained eye, and an eye for detail. Without industry knowledge, you might look right at a cracked pipe, or damaged filter, without realizing that there is a problem. Even a quick visual inspection from a specialist can alert pool managers and caretakers to existing or potential issues, preventing disaster before it happens.

For a healthy pool and hot tub, and a safe swimming environment, call a Puddle Pro today. Our experts can handle pools in elementary schools, all the way to colleges and everything in-between. When you want great results, and peace of mind, trust our fully insured Puddle technicians to treat your pool.

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