Kailua-Kona Pool Cleaning

At a glance, pool cleaning seems pretty simple: skim out debris and throw in a chlorine puck. We wish it were that simple! Swimming pools are complex structures that require in-depth treatment plans to keep them running. In areas with heavy rains, tons of plant life and high traffic, keeping a pool clean can be a full-time job. Kailua-Kona pool cleaning services keep water crystal clear and internal systems in great shape, so you can kick back and enjoy the sunshine!

Throughout Hawaii, swimming pools can stay running all year long without the same threat of damage as cold weather states. This means the need for regular cleaning for all 12 months with no breaks in-between and that is a lot! It’s a lot of time, energy and even money spent on testing kits and chemicals. Outsourcing your pool care to an expert is a more affordable and more efficient option in the long run, so say goodbye to cloudy water and hello to a Puddle technician!

Pool Maintenance Programs: The Benefit of Routine

The needs of your swimming pool will change throughout the year. You might create a chemical treatment plan that works for spring but it won’t work at the height of summer or the first days of fall. A professional pool service creates custom treatment plans according to the needs of your unique swim space. Everything from growth rates in surrounding areas, traffic levels and the outdoor temperatures has an impact on your water chemistry, so ditch the test strips and have an expert test your water.

If you begin to notice cloudy or discoloured water shocking the pool is a quick fix for a superficial result but it isn’t enough to create a sanitary swim space. Managing water chemistry means balancing sanitizer levels, as well as pH levels, alkalinity and calcium. During warm weather, weekly pool cleanings keep water crystal clear while the off-season is the best time for bi-weekly treatments.

No one wants to step into a pool that is full of leaves and debris but if you are relying on a standard pool vacuum that might be exactly what you are doing. Vacuum heads are not designed to reach into hard angles so they often leave pockets of dirt, debris and bacteria behind. Puddle technicians use speciality tools like manual vacuums and pool brushes to reach even the hardest to reach areas.

Proper pool care means treating everything from pool water, pool filters, liners, equipment and more. Our experts don’t stop at adding pool chemicals, we clean your system from top to bottom for the best possible results. Each member of the Puddle team is highly trained with years of industry experience under their belts. In addition to bringing great results right to your front door, fully insured technicians bring peace of mind too!

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